Fast Suppression/Freeze & E-Oscar Modules

Generate complexed letters including Metro 2

Mail Certified/First-Class letters or Fax from dashboard

Import IDIQ/SmartCredit/Privacy Guard credit reports

Create credit audits and inconsistencies reports for clients

Advanced Affiliates, Team Members & Scheduling Modules

Online Client Portal with a FREE mobile app for clients payment processing and Invoicing system (must follow TSR compliance)

SMS & Voicebroadcast System to send custom messages

Pay-Per-Delete module and Email Nurting System

Batch Printing and print envelopes

CROA/TSR Compliant, API Access and much more

Credit Letters Software Users

Add Clients with Online Portal Access

You can add clients manually or automatically from the billing system. Clients also have access to a secured private online portal to keep abreast of the process and communicate with you. In addition, you can add affiliates and team members with different roles; great for outsourcing.


Gain Access To Preformatted Letters

We currently have over 100 preformatted successful credit score improvement letters that have already been submitted by various credit consultants and DIY individuals. They are available in our business or Pro plans or for a one-time membership fee. Once the fee is paid, all additional new letters will be available to users.


Import Credit Report and Add Snippets Copies of a Credit Report In Letters

Users can import IdentityIQ and SmartCredit's credit reports and scores or input manually. Populate the system with your client's information with a click of a button. Users can include a snippet image of an imported credit report of the area disputed and place a copy of the report in their letters.


Send Letters Certified, First-Class or Fax

Users have the option of skipping a trip to the post office. Letters can be sent either first-class or certified mail directly from the dashboard. Powered by LetterStream with proof of delivery. Users can also fax letters directly from the dashboard too.


SMS Messing - Envelope Printing

Users can send sms messages or alerts to their clients. Also have the option of printing a number 10 envelope with the client's and cra/ furnisher's address information from a generated letter. Just select Print envelopes and the selected generated letter To/From address information will be printed directly on the envelope when its sent to your printer.


Billing & Reminder System

The invoicing system for billing after TSR compliance. Also every letter generated is time and date stamped. You tell the system when to follow up on any letter. Upon login and via email, the system will remind you of all the letters to follow up on. You have the option to turn on/off the notification alerts.

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