Welcome to Auto Signup Process

Welcome to SBC Solutions LLC family. We appreciate and thank you for choosing us to serve and assist you with optimizing your financial situation. It is our goal to provide excellent services and to use our expertise to give you the best outcome in addressing any of your financial issues. We have a few steps to takes before we can get started. Please review and sign our agreement, complete our client information section, upload identifying documents to provide proof of who you are, obtain your credit monitoring information, and provide your payment information.
1st Step: Credit Services Client Agreement:  
On this page, you will find our financial services client agreement. This is a requirement for all clients for us to be in compliance and you understanding exactly what we are offering. Once signed our staff will get to work on your file. Please review it carefully and once you are comfortable, sign it and click the “next” button to go to the next page.
2nd Step: Client Information:  
To effectively serve you in optimizing your financial situation, we often have to draft correspondences on your behalf. To successfully perform these tasks, and to communicate with you effectively, we need your personal information. e.g Your full name, date of birth, social security number, full address, best phone number, and email address. Please complete this page in its entirety for speedy results when we start the dispute process. After submitting your information, you can click on the “next” button to go to the ‘upload documents’ page.
3rd Step: Payment Information:  
In order to start the process by building an analysis and preparing your first rounds of documents, we first need to obtain your payment information. Currently, we are processing all payments through Electronic Checks (ACH). If you want to use a credit card, please contact our office for further instructions. Complete this page and then click on the “next” button to complete the client auto signup process. SKIP This Process
4th Step: Credit Monitoring Services:  
In order to determine what is affecting your analysis, we need to obtain a copy of your credit reports and credit scores for all CRA. We are able to import these reports and scores directly from a monitoring services Identity IQ to speed up the process. With a monitoring service, we and you will be able to track the progress of our effort to improve your scores. Once you signup for the service, you will enter your username, password, security word and we will be able to import information into our system.
5th Step: Upload Proof of Identification:  
The next step is to upload a copy of your social security card, ID documentation and proof of address—preferably a recent utility bill. Please note that we secure this information. Why we need this information? It is required that we establish your identity and will not move forward unless they are able to identify that you are who say you are. If any of these documents are not available, proceed to the next screen, but ensure that you send the document(s) to us as soon as possible. After submitting them, click on the “next” button to move to the ‘credit monitoring’ screen.
Once you complete all steps, your information will be sent to our processing team to begin the optimization process. If you skipped any section during the online process, please contact our office so we can gather the documents or information needed, to avoid any delay in the process.