About Credit Letters Cloud

Credit Letters Generator (Cloud) was built from the ground up to be a low cost, extremely secure and robust credit repair software system. WHY PAY MORE! This software is excellent for Startups and advanced credit repair consultants that wish to have total control over their credit correspondences and process. Credit Letter Clouds users make money because they get results. Users can automate their credit repair business as well as create complex custom-made, original Ready-To-Go Credit Letters." This system is also designed for the consultants creating proportional repayment plans for their clients with auto calculations. This is the perfect solution for advanced and startup credit repair companies to automate their signups, billing, payment processing and the writing of complex dispute or debt settlement letters. There is a private online client portal to keep your clients abreast of the process. It is also will NOT break the bank. You can get all of the main automation features of the much more expensive credit repair software for under $50 per month.  

One of the most tedious tasks that a credit repair consultant must perform, is automating their process. In addition, entering or creating a custom-made challenge or dispute letters. If you have ready-to-go original dispute letters, you can plug them in, enter your client's information one-time, collect payments and away you go!! It also gives the user the ability to upload privacy guard, smart credit and IdenityIQ credit reports, enter and track credit scores, send duplicates letters to other CRAs or creditors without typing anything, batch printing and printing envelops, saving the user data input time. In addition, you can automatically fax a generated letter directly from your dashboard to any number e.g. credit bureau, creditor or other sources. You can also automatically send a letter via first-class or certified mail directly from your dashboard without going to the post office using totally integration with LetterStream. Even if you have a software solution already, it doesn't offer automation for complex letters or correspondences that can be adjusted to all credit consultant’s systems. Other software placeholders consist of basic inserts for letters requiring you to use a word processor for complex letters. Credit Letters Cloud allows you to throw away the word processor and a more efficient method of generating those unique letters, therefore, it is a powerful addition to current credit repair software users too.

The most successful credit repair specialists or programs have custom or original complex credit letters, and some are as long as 3-5 pages with customized verbiage that produces results. However, there hasn’t been a low-cost solution to assist in automating this process. Most ready-to-go solutions, especially in the, requires you to type your or your client's information over and over again and you can't customize them. They also don't remind you when to follow-up.  You have this ability within Credit Letters Generator to create your own letters.

By using custom field inserts or placeholders as we call them, you can type in client contents and it will appear wherever you want on a letter based on your strategy. Again, similar systems have preconfigured letters does not provide the flexibility to change the content or store it. 

 Credit repair is such a personal service. Credit Consultants using custom original letters are the most successful in this business and get the best results. They are real estate agents or financial literate individuals. Some may have an assistant but usually will start out by themselves. However, these consultants desire a low-cost solution to assist in this task.  Current excellent software solutions start at $99 -$249 per month with features that most startups or even successful businesses may never use. Especially in the beginning stage of their business. Credit Letters Cloud's has billing and invoicing, auto signup, auto payment processing with authorized.net and chargebee and those exempted for other services, credit report imports and total LetterStream integration. In addition, there is an awesome online client portal module. You can get our complete plan for $47 per month including all modules and letters for a robust system.

Based on credit repair industry data, most credit consultants are home-based or have added the service to their current business operation. The average home-based credit repair startup business will only have about 15-20 active clients in their first 3 months of business. Even those who are part-time only deal with a few customers per month. Why pay an average of $99 to $179 per month for 15-20 clients? Even if you have 100 active clients paying that monthly fee per month can place a dent in your budget.  Credit Letters Cloud fills the gap in this market offering affordable automation.   

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Data Protection is required by law. Therefore Credit Letters, Inc. use the same security encryption (256-bit SSL) as banks. We also use SSL: Secure Socket Layer, indicating that the data sent between your computer and Credit Letters Generator is safely encrypted from snoopers. It's the same technology that banks use to keep your credit card information safe.

 Ultra Secure Cloud Servers. Your encrypted data is stored in a US data center that is SSAE-16 Compliant and backed up daily.  To learn more about our servers, you can go to Liquid Web to learn about their security. https://www.liquidweb.com/about-us/data-centers/

We believe in data portability. If you ever choose to leave Credit Letters Generator Cloud, you can export your data and take it with you. Once you cancel your account, the data will be deleted within 30 days. We are not a credit repair company and do not have interest in your data.